Our Mission

The Challenge 

Broadband is complicated, expensive, and takes a long time to build.
  • For years, the federal government spent billions trying to build broadband networks across the country. However, as many of you know, much of this money was invested in technology that is now out of date, or it was entrusted to providers who never built the promised networks.
  • As a result of poor investments, hundreds of thousands of Arizonans went into the pandemic with little to no home internet. They lost access to their job, their doctor, their bank, their school, their church, their family—all at once, and just when they needed it most. The pandemic has ended, but the world remains online, and hundreds of thousands of Arizonans still have little or no connectivity.
  • Due to the size of our need, Arizona will soon receive over a billion dollars for broadband, but this amount will still not be enough to help every Arizonan who needs it. Our state must have a plan to connect those left behind.
  • Money alone is not sufficient. We must also address challenges related to regulation, oversight, and accountability. No amount of funding will solve our problems until these challenges are overcome.

The Opportunity

We can change direction and not repeat the mistakes of the past.
  • Funds will be largely directed by the state government, not the federal government. This means that local groups, like Arizona Broadband for All,  have a much better chance of influencing decisions. In fact, the state government is required to take local input.
  • The amount of funding is truly historic. Arizona is getting nearly $1 billion for infrastructure alone.  What’s more, there is funding to directly lower the cost of internet bills, and funding to help people safely integrate online technology into their lives and businesses. That’s unprecedented.
  • There is a bipartisan political will to connect every home, farm, and business in Arizona. The pandemic forced everyone to recognize that internet service is essential to modern life. Government administrators and legislators want to be a part of the solution, and coalitions like ours have many new resources at our disposal.

Our Goal: Bring fast, reliable, affordable internet to every Arizonan by:

Monitoring issues in your community and working with the coalition to develop solutions.

Promoting oversight and accountability so that public funds are used for the public good.

Advising the Arizona Commerce Authority on deployment and oversight.

Working with state legislators to identify and evaluate broadband legislation.

Identifying issues with federal programs and advocating for improvements.

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